Business Consulting

Consulting & Coaching

Helping your business thrive and become successful.

Smart Moves is very pleased to announce our Business Consulting and Coaching Services. This is a passion of ours and we cannot wait to help you with your business!

What is Business Coaching? 

It is a way for someone not involved in your business to offer unbiased, professional opinions, recommendations and suggestions for what you can do to help your business run smoother and more profitably. Yes, it is that simple.

How do we work? 

We come to your business and follow you around for a day. By observing and asking questions, we get a good idea of how you handle your business. 

This includes the following:
Time Management/Prioritization Skills
Processing Times
Organizational Skills
Personnel/Human Resources
Financial Practices

After we have finished, detailed recommendations are given to you in writing along with a time frame to implement.

Typically you are given one month to get the recommendations in place.


We will follow up with you once weekly to obtain your progress in meeting your deadlines, answer any questions and handle any difficulties that may have hindered your progress. At the end of the month, we sit down together for about an hour and review what has been done and how it is working, what hasn't been done and why and create a strategy to move forward.

Services we do not provide:
We don’t tell you how to market your business
Re-design your website/logo
Change who you are
Make you waste money

We want to make it so the business works with your personality and your personality with the business. We offer a free 1 hour consultation.


$1999.00 for the whole process. We have no hidden fees or charges.